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Siguenza Castilla-La Mancha: Built on a low hill close the the River Henares, the ancient town of Siguenza dates back to Roman times, when it was a fortress town called Segontia. Also later of military importance to the Visigoths and then the Arabs, it was subsequently on the frontline of struggles between Moors and Christians as the Reconquest gathered pace in the 11th century.

Today a peaceful little town with a population of around 5,000, Siguenza is within the province of Guadalajara in the Castilla-La Mancha region of Spain’s interior. Amongst its attractions are the huge cathedral, the building of which began in the 12th century, mainly on a Gothic theme, look out for the statue and tomb of Martin Váquez de Arce (also known as El Doncel “The Page Boy”), a favourite of Isabella of Castile, killed by the Moors in Granada in 1486, see also the Capilla del Espiritu Santo with its weird mix of architectural styles.

Other attractions include the castle (Alcazaba) built by the Moors, probably on the site of the former Roman fortifications, now used as a parador, and the Museo Diocesano de Arte, with some wonderful examples of Spanish religious art.

Siguenza saw much fighting during the Spanish Civil War (1936-39), and the cathedral and the castle suffered severe damage, though much has since been restored.

Siguenza Hotels: There are a resonable choice of hotels in Siguenza, should you choose to stay overnight in the town, perhaps the most atmospheric is the Parador de Siguenza Hotel which is housed in the old Moorish castle, other hotels include the Cardamono Hotel, the Hotel Laberinto and the El Molino de Alcunezar Hotel and Spa. You can book any of these and other Siguenza hotels by using the booking box above right, giving cheap Siguenza hotel deals.

Siguenza can be accessed from the CM-101 or the CM-1101, it is in the extreme north of the Castilla-La Mancha region about 130 kilometres from Madrid.

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