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Map and guide for Mar Menor Golf Resort, Costa Calida, Spain.

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Spanish Golf Courses - Mar Menor Golf Resort

Mar Menor Golf ResortMar Menor Golf Resort Map: Shown above is an interactive road map of Mar Menor Golf Resort, located near to Torre Pacheco and Los Alcazares on the Costa Calida, Spain.

The map 'zooms' and 'pans' by means of the buttons on the top left of the map, this enables you to get a closer view of the Mar Menor Golf Resort, or to view the surrounding areas such as Torre Pacheco and Los Alcazares.

The Mar Menor Golf Resort can be reached from the N-332 or from the AP-motorway, it is located just outside Torre Pacheco and a short drive from the coastal town of Los Alcazares.

A luxury golfing complex located in the Murcia region of Spain, the Mar Menor Golf Resort comprises a 9 hole golf course together with a 5 Star hotel, spa and leisure complex.

The golf course was designed by Nicklaus Design, will later be expanded to 18 holes and is part of a huge Polaris World golfing complex, comprising numerous golf courses and related facilities in the areas around Murcia city and the Mar Menor.

The Mar Menor Golf Resort can be easily reached from the AP-7 motorway, it is a just a few minutes drive from Murcia (San Javier) airport.

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