Interesting guide to Hurchillo, a small village on the Costa Blanca, Spain.

Hurchillo - Costa Blanca - Spain

Many people know the names of the larger towns and villages of the Vega Baja but there are many small villages or pueblos which are also worthy of a visit, such as the tiny village of Hurchillo, with its population of less than a thousand.

Here all the exploring is very much ‘hands on’ as there is no local Ayuntamiento to visit for the purpose of collecting tourist information or a town plan. Hurchillo is administered by the Ayuntamiento in Orihuela , being around 9 kilometres from Orihuela and located on the CV-925. The road from Orihuela to the village gradually rises and there are plenty of bends to negotiate, but it is a visit that is well worth while. You often hear people speak about seeing the ‘real’ Spain and how the Spanish live and Hurchillo is the place to experience this. The only incongruity is that in the bar on the main road through Hurchillo there is a sign on the wall which proudly boasts ‘Beefeater’ but please do not expect that there will be a salad bar and all the trappings which usually accompany such a restaurant in the UK because you will be disappointed, just accept it for what it is and try and work out if there was ever anything remotely similar to a Beefeater on this site.

The streets and roads of the village are very pretty but extremely narrow and one of the roads leading into Hurchillo is very heavily and unevenly cobbled and makes for a fairly bumpy journey. However after arriving in the village centre you will see how ideally situated this village is. It has good roads leading to the Orihuela Costa, Bigastro and Torremendo.

Not to be out done by the bigger and better known villages, Hurchillo has its own Church and Town Square and its own feast day and fiestas during which it honours the Patrona Nuestra Señora de Montserrat.

Walking through the village there is a limited array of shops, bars and restaurants and you get a very parochial feeling. There are one or two wonderful tapas bars offering a wide range of tapas meals, better perhaps than some of the bigger villages. One thing that is not in evidence is the skyline of cranes, although the odd one or two can be seen. Whilst it is obvious that Hurchillo is slowly renovating some of the older properties and generally improving and enhancing the facilities, you do not get the feeling that this area will become saturated with new housing.

The records and archives for the village are held in Orihuela but it is much more fun to explore this little hamlet and try to work out the ages of the buildings and so try to discover by a process of elimination how much of the village may have been damaged in the great earthquake of 1829. In common with the bigger towns and villages, Hurchillo relies very much on citrus farming for its income and the groves, which are not on huge plantations, are plentiful.

Bench seats are made available along the little streets and roads and there is no doubt that the road leading to Torremendo is one of the prettiest, the village square, whilst small, is completely unpretentious and makes an ideal place to sit and enjoy a picnic or just watch the world go by, children will also enjoy the village square with its range of play equipment. If however you enjoy bigger and more sophisticated restaurants, then there are many on the roads leading out of the village, but you have to search for them as they are very much off the beaten track and not adequately signposted.

It would be probably true to say that you would not need a whole day to visit the village of Hurchillo, but whenever you go and for however long your visit you will discover that this is a very hard working and welcoming small community.

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