Extremadura Spain

Extremadura, map and guide to the Extremadura region of Spain "The Land Beyond the River Douro"

Extremadura Map and Guide to the Region

Extremadura Map: Above you will find a useful interactive map of the Extremadura region of western Spain. On the map you will see the major towns and cities of the region.

Extremadura: Without doubt the most remote of the Spanish regions, Extremadura is an area of rolling hills, green sierras, shady forests and historic cities. Largely unchanged since medieval times, Extremadura is the least spoilt by modern development which is virtually non-existent, and a visit to the area is like a step back in time.

Known as "The Land Beyond the River Douro", Extremadura is the ideal place for nature lovers and hikers to visit, with exceptional wildlife and wonderful walking country to be found there, especially in the beautiful Monfrague National Parl in the north of the region (south of Plasencia on the Extremadura map above).

Cities and historic places in the Extremadura region include Alcántara, Arroyo de la Luz, Badajoz, Cáceres, Candu Roario, Coria, Guadalupe, Heriás, Las Hurdes, Jerez de los Caballeros, Llerena, Mérida, the Monasterio de Yuste, Olivenza, Plasencia, the Sierra de Gata mountains, Tentudia, Trujillo, Valencia de Alcantara and Zafra.

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