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Cities of Florida USA - Boynton Beach

Boynton Beach Map - Above you can view a Google map of Boynton Beach, a coastal city in the state of Florida USA. Boynton Beach has a population of about 67,000 and was first settled by the Jeaga tribe (native indians). The modern city is mostly down to a major from the American Civil War called Nathan S. Boynton, who first used it as a winter retreat and then built a hotel there.

Things to do in Boynton Beach - Some things to do whilst visiting Boynton Beach include a trip to the Palm Beach Groves (7149 Lawrence Road), where you will find a huge range of citrus fruits growing, visit the Mangrove Nature Park (700 Northeast Fourth Street), a unique ecological experience, enjoy a game of golf at the Boynton Beach Municipal Golf Course (8020 Jog Road), a fine 18-hole championship course and driving range, taste a delicious seafood meal in one of the excellent seafood restaurants, or maybe catch your own dinner on one of the well organised fishing trips that operate on these superb fishing grounds.

On this Boynton Beach map you can also see Delray Beach, Ocean Ridge and Lantana Pines.

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