Weather Bahamas

Latest Weather in the Bahamas Islands

Bahamas Weather - Here is the latest weather for the Bahamas, an independent English speaking country north of Cuba in the Atlantic Ocean. This weather in Bahamas is updated regularly, so you can always see the current weather for Bahamas, you can also view a 10 day weather forecast for Bahamas and its towns and villages. Today's Bahamas weather and forecast

Comprising some 29 islands, 661 cays and thousands of rocks, the independent country of the Bahamas is situated to the north of Cuba in the Atlantic Ocean. The Bahamas has a population of around 330,000 and covers an area of over 5,000 square miles, the capital of the country is Nassau.

The featured weather is for the capital Nassau, due to the huge area that the Bahamas covers, weather conditions may vary from place to place.

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