Costa de la Luz Spain

Guide to the Costa de la Luz region of Andalucia, southern Spain.

Spanish Regions - The Costa de la Luz

Costa de la Luz Spain - So called because of its clear and unpolluted skies the Costa de la Luz (Coast of Light) is situated in south-western Andalucia. Always a popular location for Spanish holidaymakers it is gaining popularity with international tourists in recent years. Often referred to as ‘The Spanish Algarve’ it is not too far removed from its Portuguese neighbour.

The Costa de la Luz is an area of endless fine sandy beaches and though it has recently undergone some development it is still largely unspoilt. It is gaining attention as a possible location for property investment but hopefully will not undergo the over-development suffered by the nearby Costa del Sol to the north.

Temperatures on the Costa de la Luz are generally cooler than in the neighbouring Costa del Sol and strong winds coming off the Atlantic Ocean make it an ideal spot for windsurfers and water sports enthusiasts.

The Costa de la Luz region has a rich history and was originally settled by Phoenicians, Greeks and Iberians before being occupied by the Carthaginians (Cádiz was used as Hannibal’s base for his conquest of southern Iberia). Carthaginians were followed by Romans, who were in turn replaced by the Visigoths, after this came the conquest of most of Spain by the Moors in the 8th Century. The Moors were finally ousted (from Cádiz) in 1262 by Alphonso X of Castille.

The Costa de la Luz comprises two provinces - Heulva Province and Cádiz Province, Huelva Province stretches from the Spanish border with Portugal to the Guadalquivir River and Cádiz Province from the Guadalquivir to Tarifa.

The Costa de la Luz has some fine towns and cities which are worth visiting and these include Huelva, Ayamonte, Isla Cristina, Cádiz, Chiclana, Isla Canela and Tarifa. The region also has some important Natural Parks such as the Parque Nacional de Doñana in Huelva Province, an important wetland area with a wide variety of flora and fauna, the Estrecho Natural Park and the Bahia de Cádiz Natural Park a 10,000 hectare area of sandy beaches, salt pans, marshes and freshwater lakes, with a huge variety of wildlife.

For those wishing to visit this beautiful and unspoilt region there are a good variety of accommodation available including hotels and privately owned apartments and villas on the Costa de la Luz.

Visitors to the Costa de la Luz will most likely arrive at Jerez airport although the region is also accessible from Seville airport, the flight time from the UK is about 2 hours. For the southern areas Faro airport is also an option.

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