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Useful Vigo map, showing the location of the city in Galicia, Spain.

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Detailed Street Map of Vigo Galicia

Vigo Map - Zoomable road map of Vigo the largest city in Galicia, north-western Spain, and Spain's biggest fishing port.

Using the buttons on the top left of this Vigo map you can 'zoom' and 'pan' to get a detailed street map of Vigo, or view the surrounding areas of Alcabre, Redondo, Lavadores, Mos, Babio, and Porto de Vigo, by zooming out one step you will also see the airport to the east of the city.

Often called 'the Olive City', Vigo is the leading industrial city of Galicia, one of Europe's largest fishing ports, and comes as something of a shock in comparison to the rest of the region. Located in the province of Pontevedra, Vigo has a population of just under 300,000 (2007) and is the 14th largest metropolitan area in more: Vigo.

Vigo is located on the Ria de Vigo, on the coastline of Galicia, just north of the border with Portugal, it can be accessed from the AP-9 (E-1) motorway, it has its own airport which is located about 9 kilometres from the city centre.

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